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All of that depends on your involvement, consistency, state of your health and most of all on your goal. First changes in physique usually are seen after couple of weeks. Healthy weight loss is between 0.5-1 kilogram per week – this way you obtain longterm results without damaging your body. Similar number are when building mucle tissue. However, it can vary from person to person and without knowing you I can only tell everything by the flow of the blow.

The cost of single personal training session varies between 100-150 zł. It depends on bought package or frequency of attendance. Those I recommend individualy after first session. Come for a TRAIL TRAINING and I present you all of the details and answer all of your questions.

Personal training session I carry at Altus Fitness w Katowicach or Smart Gym Roździeńskiego Katowice. Both of the facilities are greatly equipped and of high standard and english speaking staff. They offer more than 3500 square meters, free parking and are open 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Number of training session per week is dependent on the goal you set and how fast you would like to achieve it. The most imporant is frequency. General recommended number of trainings per week is from 2 to 4 sessions. But again we have to decide individualy as for one person four training per week might be ok then for the other person it might lead to overtraining.

The best is to feel comfortable while training. So take your training gear that you feel good in. There are no right or wrong here. Do not forget about towel and bottle of water. Try not o eat 1-1.5 hour before training so you feel comfortable on the stomach. If you have any medical opinion that you think I should know of – take them with you as well. 

If your doctor clearly did not prohibit you to train then we should be good to go. However, to be safe we will start with medical quesionare to be sure of that. AGE AND WEIGHT ARE NOT A OBSTACLE. I train people after 60 and those who at the beginning weight over 120kg. Although I can not change age – weight and frame of mind I can.

I always choose exercises and load acordinately to the fitness level of the clients. Do not worry! Everybody was starting one day. In the gym you can find verious types of people with different levels of experience. Nobady – except me – will note to much attention to you.

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