„Sport is my passion since childhood” – Sentences like this or similar are not my favourite way of describing myself. I’m an ordinary man with extraordinary ambitions who found himself through working as a personal trainer and decided to be one of the best in the industry.

I actually took my first steps in the fitness industry in Great Britain in 2013. I achieved my Personal Trainer lvl 3 certificate there, at one of the best training centers – Fitness Industry Education. I subsequently started my work at one of the then biggest corporations, Jatomi Fitness, where on many occasions I achieved the title of the best trainer within the company. But I was not satisfied. I felt that I could give my clients a better service, so I became a freelancer. It was during that time the idea of the project „Wysportowany” (Athletic) was born.

My clients are not professionals that take part in fitness competitions. They are ambitious and hard-working people who want to: better their physique, lose couple of kilograms, feel better. They are also happy to see how their bodies become more athletic and efficient from training to training. 

We are all different and that is how I treat all my clients who seek help by using my service. Often achieving the same goal can be done in different ways. My job is to find the one that suits you best. So both the process and the end results satisfy your requirements.

Wojciech Żyłka

personal trainer


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